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Hatha Jodi

Hatha Jodi

It prevents evils from creating problems in someone’s life. Its other benefits are creation of wealth, resolving financial issues and bringing in prosperity. It offer shields to those who are in journeys, battle grounds or in situation of war. It acts s lucky charm to people concerned. It is also used in hypnotism (Vashikaran) as well as Shield (raksha Kavach).  Looking at it or viewing it on daily basis is enough to get the benefits. All Vedic Puja, havan and other ritual performances include it as an important component.  It is also worshipped with Shri Hanuman ji together with sindoor, flower rice and sandals. If we want to improve the results then we should also use dhoop and chanting of various mantras is also essential part of it. Hatha Jodi or also known as Hatha Jori is the root of a rare kind of herb found in Madhya Pradesh (India) in Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, there are thick forests. In these jungles one can find a plant know as "BIRVAH" which has blue and white coloured flowers and which is similar to the Dhatura plant.After taking it out, it is immersed in Til oil. It is said that Hatha Jodi absorbs about one kilo Til oil in a month whereas its weight remains the same. When it stops to absorb oil, it is taken out. After performing Puja, Hatha Jodi is kept in Sindoor(Vermillion). After this, it is used in Tantric sadhanas.It is known as a wonderful tantrik item . This wonder of nature Hatha Jori shall be kept in vermillon and in silver box or case in puja Ghar or locker/almirah. One shall light incense in front of Hatha Jodi daily.Hatha Jodi is the root part of a sacred herb plant which is known as Birvah.  It resembles to be human arms whose fists are clenched. In India, its native area is the state of Madhya Pradesh and related forests along side. It has very sacred and positive effects as per the Vedic science. It has been always used in all auspicious and Puja related work. It is also used in protects as it breaks negative effects, brings prosperity, wealth and happiness in families and society. Here, one should be careful to have only original hatha jori brings positive effects and duplicate version of it can cause harm rather benefits to the individuals. So, before buying from any source, its authenticity must be checked and source must be a reliable as well as a verified one. We at Holyspa offer genuine product to give you the best satisfaction.It is used in Tantric sadhanas.It is known as a wonderful tantrik item for influencing people and winning over enemies and clients. This wonder of nature blesses the possessor with wealth, Vashikaran of others i.e. other people remain kind to the Sadhaka, one has victory over enemies, accidents are averted and one remains free from any Tantrik effects. Hatha Jori shall be kept in vermillion and in silver box or case in Puja Ghar. Energised Hatha Jodi is very useful Tantric Item for winning a court battle. Hatha Jori is rare and so is highly priced. Complete instructions to establish the Hatha Jori is also sent.since Hatha Jori has the powers of ‘Vashikaran’ or attraction. It is very useful in winning favors or winning trials etc.Hatha Jodi is otherwise called Vashikaran Amulet or hypnotizer. It hypnotizes the people whom you deal with, towards you. Pl. send your Query


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