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Bhojpatra & Bhoj Patra Yantra


Bhojpatra is layer of a sacred tree known as Bhoj.All Vedic Yantras are made of Bhojaptra and then they are energised/pran pratishtha or abhimantrit to get the desired effect.As per Hindu Mythology Bhojpatra Yantras are best and very effective Talisman. We offer all types of Bhojpatra Yantra,some of them given below, as per customized solution.This serves as the paper on which the Yantra is drawn manually. The Yantra on Bhojpatra  is drawn using a special ink also called 'Ashtagandha"made out of "scents" or "gandhas". Three, five or eight gandhas are mixed to make the ink and used to draw the yantra. The Pen or Kalam used to make yantra come from different trees.We have large collection of Bhojpatra ,Kalam and Ink to make Yantras.

Bhojpatra has been very important since Vedic times. It is still being used for writing mantras for protection and welfare of human being. Thus, its sacred value has grown in recent times also. It is basically a white colored bark of the tree. This seems to be thin paper.  It is mainly found in Himalaya at certain heights. Though, high level of procurement has caused one negative impact and that is the extinction of natural habitats from the region. Most important use of it is for writing Sanskrit scriptures and text . Besides, It is also used for landscaping purposes across the globe.

It is also known as Betula Utilis and it was named by senior botanist Mr. David Don when specimen samples were collected in Nepal during the year 1820. Many varieties of it are found in the region of Himalayas. It has been used to write lengthy scriptures and text to record the important mantras and many other details Its main use is to write mantras and put it in different types of Amulets so that protection from witchcraft, black magic and Voodoo can be done. It helps in saving lifes , eliminating troubles  and reversing the negative effects. Wearer of Amulet empowered with mantras work as raksha Kavach to individuals. Many yantras are developed by careful use of this white bark. Besides, Renowned writers of the past  have quoted about the use of Betula utilis for writing purposes, even Pandit of Kashmir have vividly used it in recent past. Overall, it is very import constituent of most of the Vedic and astrology solutions.

Vyapar Vridhi , Goddess Saraswati , Planet Shukra , Vashikaran, Lord Hanuman, Maha Kali, Planet Mars, Lord Surya, Vahan durghtna or to avert the accident, Lord Brihaspati or Jupiter, Lord Chandra or moon, Lord ketu, Lord Budh, Lord Rahu, Lord Shani, Kaal Sarp Dosha , sarv Karya Sidhi , Maha Mritunjaya , Navgraha , Ram Raksha , Vastu Dosh Nivaran , Gayatri , Bagala Mukhi ,Santan Gopal and batuk bahiron

We offer all types of abhimantrit Yantras on Bhojpatra as per recommendations, with or without in Silver Case. All of our Bhojpatra Yantra are blessed/energisaed with pure vedic ritual.

Pl. send your Query for a price quote.Our minimum order amount is 50$


  Ashtagandha & Gorochan

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